Debbie of Debbie’s Personal Touch Cleaning” has built quite the name for herself in the cleaning industry over the years. She employees several people, and has always offered a wide range of services that included power washing, high windows, bio-hazardous, and carpet & upholstery cleaning.

Alisha Parker has certainly been an up and coming entrepreneur who created and managed “Girl On The Go Cleaning”. She also has a long line of happy customers and employees, many of which have been with her for several years.

Both ladies are well established in the community here, and even though they were “competitors” in this industry, they established a wonderful working relationship while successfully operating two separate companies.

To know them both, you would quickly realize that there has always been a mutual respect, and even a customer referral between the two if and when the other couldn’t manage the task at hand.

Whether a client needed servicing sooner than could be scheduled, or it was a project that may have been outside their normal scope of services…the two would graciously suggest they call the other to better be assisted. This is a level of integrity rarely seen in this day and age, and one that only benefited the customer, always!

As the two developed a friendship through this business relationship, the idea came out to join forces and be the biggest and best cleaning company in the White Mountains….and here we are. 🙂

Once Debbie and Alisha sat down to discuss this in depth, there was no hesitation that merging the two would not only benefit them, it would benefit their employee’s, and of course, their customers! It was a quick realization that they would have more equipment, more employee’s, and the ability to quickly meet any and all needs of the community.

So as of January 2018 Debbie’s Personal Touch Cleaning (Debbie Thrasher) & Girl On The Go Cleaning (Alisha Parker) merged into Swept Away Cleaning LLC, and we couldn’t be more excited!

We look forward to serving all the clients we have up to this point, and certainly look forward to meeting the needs of many more to come.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any cleaning needs, we look forward to being of service!