As many of our clients are aware, we have joined the 21st century late last year, and we now do everything online.

This has been a tremendous help in virtually eliminating all the paperwork that has been required over the past years.

We’re happy to report that this program is state of the art, and allows an app for our clients convenience as well.

Unfortunately, it is still a work in progress on their end, and does not yet allow our clients to see any scheduling, much less make any scheduling changes.

However, we have made “Jobber” aware of this, and our hope is this component will come with a future software update.

As of right now, those clients whose email is on file with us can download this app and use it for to view invoices, quotes, or request a quote.

Just download the app, and it will ask your email address to register. Please use the same address we have on file, and you should be all set!

If you have any problems with it, please contact our webmaster, you can reach her at the bottom of the drop down menu on the contact page.